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Ballet July 23, 2009

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Ashlyn was finally able to start ballet a few weeks ago! She potty trained months ago to be able to take dance class… and then we could not get her into any classes until now because of how the studios run their schedules. Her class is called Prince and Princess Ballet… although, this particular class only had Princesses enroll.  Her instructor is the owner of the studio and her name is Mrs. Joan. Ashlyn has found a new love… and we could not be more proud of her. She listens to her teacher really well and can do almost everything they try… plus she is the youngest in the class. I am not a proud parent or anything! : ) Excuse the poor photography, we were taking shots through a dirty window.

Ashlyn's First Ballet Class July 2009 010

Ashlyn's First Ballet Class July 2009 017

Ashlyn's First Ballet Class July 2009 033

Ashlyn's First Ballet Class July 2009 055


Central Park in the Summer

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We stopped in at Central Park… it is right across from the museum… and we snapped some shots. So gorgeous.

Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 012

Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 010Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 014

Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 016


Museum of Natural History

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We had not been to the City in months! It is actually a crime… completely unacceptable that we are this close to the City and we have gone about 3 months without visiting. So… last Friday we decided to visit the Museum of Natural History… which by the way only charges people admission by donation only, so if you visit… feel free to pay them whatever you wan to get in. Anyway… when we walked in a random couple gave us free coupons to got to see 2 exhibits for free as well.. such a blessing! So we took Ashlyn to see the Extreme Mammal Exhibit and the Frogs Exhibit. She said that she liked the Frogs and the Ocean room the best… the ocean area is awesome. Hands down…. best museum I have ever been to. : ) We had a blast!

Funny story too… when we sat Ashlyn in front of a fossil to get her picture… an Asian couple approached us and, though they spoke very little English, they were trying to ask us something…. we thought they wanted us to take a picture of them in front of the Fossil, so I gladly said I would help. They then jumped in the picture with Ashlyn, and wanted us to take a picture of them with Ashlyn with their camera! Ha! It was the craziest thing… they threw up peace signs and smiled big, and Ashlyn looked at them like they were crazy. Needless to say… after they left I was kicking myself for not taking a pic with my camera… after all, it was hysterical. When we were about to leave the museum we ran into the same couple again, so we got a picture of them with Ash in front of the T-Rex! So funny!

Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 005

She was wearing a blue dress… Brett said that Ash can be the new American mascot. The next picture was taken right after they jumped in the picture with her the first time.. she looks a little unsure… she was wondering what was going on!

Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 019

Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 004

Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 020

Museum of Natural History and Central Park July 2009 006


A Day at Magic Kingdom

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We figured that if we were going to be in Florida for 10 days… we had to spend at least one day at Disney. Ashlyn had been such a good girl at the assembly that we figured she needed a day of fun. So we spent a day at Magic Kingdom and Ashlyn has in heaven. She got to meet Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Mickey & Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto! She can’t wait till we can go back again and talks about it non-stop. The expression on her face when we first walked in and a show started with the Mickey crew and the Princesses was priceless… she was elated!

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 203

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 132

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 165

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 228

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 150

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 214


Dinner at Downtown Disney July 22, 2009

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One night we went to Downtown Disney to eat dinner while we were in Florida. We ate at the Rain Forest Cafe… which Ashlyn thought was cool, but was not sure about the random thunder storms in the restaurant. After we ate we walked around an she got a picture with Pooh… and then she saw some kids playing in a fountain and decided that she wanted to as well… despite wearing a dress. We said… go for it Ash! You are only a kid once.

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 100

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 110

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 111

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 120

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 123

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 125

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 126

One day at Assembly they had a lady there to paint the kids’ faces… Ashlyn got an “aqua” colored mask… just as she requested! Ha! Gigi, you taught her Aqua!

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 127


Trip to Florida for General Assembly

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We recently went to Orlando for the Nazarene General Assembly and Convention. It was amazing to see that many Nazarenes together… when we attended church on Sunday there were over 25,000 of us there to worship together. Pretty amazing!

We were also able to visit with some family while we were there. We got to see Brett’s Grandma, his Aunt Connie and Uncle Butch, and we also got to see his Cousin Holly and her family. They had a pool… which Ashlyn was lovin! They also had just bought a pony named Rosy, and Ashlyn got to take a ride on her!

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 072

It was so much fun. Ash loved spending time with her cousins!

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 002

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 019Brett’s grandma Williams.

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 017Spending time by the pool. Holly worked on teaching Ash to swim… first time trying and she put her face under the water. No tears… she was so brave! Thanks Holly, Ashlyn is still working on it, but does not mind putting her face in the water.

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 025

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 026

General Assembly - Florida - 2009 027


First trip to the Beach This Season…

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Pic Edited by Cija

We took Ash a few months back to visit the beach… even though it was still cold we had a blast. I learned a great lesson though. Always bring a change of clothes for the toddler when going to the beach… even if swimming is not in the game plan. Ash was running away from the tide… and fell. Poor thing! The water was so cold, but she still had a blast of course. Here are some pics we took at the beach… the one above though was edited by my friend Cija.. you can check out her blog and website by following the link to the right for 3 wishes Photography. She took our family pictures last August right before we moved to New York.

First Mets Game and First Trip to NY Beach, 2009 039First Mets Game and First Trip to NY Beach, 2009 045First Mets Game and First Trip to NY Beach, 2009 043